Help Adding Puns

                                                                                  Follow these simple steps to add a pun

Step1 – First Register, and then Login

Step2 – Click on Add Pun

Step3 – In the Add Pun dialog box, enter the Question and Answer for the pun

Step4 – Go to Google and enter a phrase for the kind of picture you are looking for, and then choose 'images' on the 2nd line.

Step5 – When Google shows the pictures, click on:
Images, Tools, Usage Rights, and Creative Commons Lincenses
to show only pictures that are free to use.

Step 6 – Choose from the many pictures shown. If you don't see a good picture to choose,
ajust the phrase you are search on. When you see a good picture, click on it so it appears on the right,
and then click on it so its URL appears on top.  
Then copy the URL of the picture by highlighting its URL and clicking CTL-C.

Step 7 – Copy that URL into Picture URL in the Add Pun dialog box:

Step 8 – Find and start the Windows Snipping Tool

Step 9 – Click New in the upper left of the Snipping Tool

Step 10 – Use the Snipping Tool to select the part of the image you want to use

Step 11 – Select File, and Save As in the Snipping Tool

Step 12 – Select a folder to save the picture in, and give the picture a name:

Step 13 – Click Choose File in the Add Pun dialog box

Step 14 – Navigate to the folder where you saved the picture, click on the picture file, and click Open.

Step 15 – You can see the name of the picture in the line for Picture in the dialog box:

Step 16 – Now that everything is filled in, click on Add to add the pun:

Step 17 – If you click on Newest at the top of the Punwow page, and you should see that your pun has been added!